Resources to Accompany Audible Version of The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide

The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide will soon be available as an Audible book. Additional resources to supplement the Audible version are featured below, categorized by topic. (These are also included in the printed book.) These resources are meant to offer a starting point. The included websites are suggestions and are not affiliated with Dr. Crystal Collier. Parents are advised to conduct their own research before using the information. Only a qualified clinician is able to diagnose. If you have concerns about your child engaging in high-risk behavior, do not hesitate to seek assistance.

Alcohol & Drug Resources
Bullying & Cyberbullying Resources
Executive Function Resources
Dating Violence Resources
Eating Disorders Resources
Gambling Resources
Mental Health Resources
Online Safety Resources
Pornography Resources
Self-Injury Resources
Sexual Health Resources
Suicide Resources
Tech Resources
Video Game Resources